2018 Pre-Conference

NCAN has designed three optional pre-conference half-day experiences that will take place on Sunday, September 23 from 1:00-5 pm. Make the most of your travel dollars and take a deep dive into one of these timely topics, facilitated by expert practitioners. 

All pre-conference workshops require an additional fee: $59 for NCAN members and $89 for non-members.

Below are brief descriptions of the three pre-conference sessions, we'll be offering, please see below for complete descriptions and the registration links. 

How Does Your Program Actually Work? Process Mapping and Logic Modeling to Improve Efficiency and Achieve Outcomes

College access programs, colleges and universities, and school districts are complex systems, and it is easy for students, educators, and administrators to become lost and fatigued in the myriad of procedures and routine tasks. Process mapping provides a concrete, intuitive framework to examine current practices and identify ways to simplify the complexity.  By creating visual workflow diagrams, individuals or teams can streamline and improve processes to benefit students, particularly first-generation students who often find it difficult to navigate the college-going process. Once you understand the way students experience your program’s activities, consider those activities in the context of a logic model. Logic models are an account of your program’s resources, activities, outputs, and outcomes that help programs determine if they are accomplishing their goals. 

Join us for an interactive workshop to learn the basics of process mapping and logic modeling, work in small groups to apply the techniques in case study activities, and create an action plan to utilize these processes in your program or organization. 

Presenter(s):  Alex Aljets, Fellow, University Innovation Alliance; Bill DeBaun, Director of Data and Evaluation, NCAN 

Member Price $59
Nonmember Price $89

Train-the-Trainer: Practical Tools and Resources for Connecting College and Career Success

How well are postsecondary institutions preparing education consumers for work and beyond? What skills, experiences, and information are of most benefit to students as they traverse the high school to postsecondary to career pipeline? What programs and services can we provide to facilitate a smooth transition from school to the world of work? And how can these programs and services be implemented? 

During this session, attendees will hear about Strada and Gallup’s Education Consumer Pulse survey research that is bringing to light some of the areas of growth for programs that serve students. For example: 

  • Creating Impactful Workplace Opportunities for Students: Research indicates that education consumers get their most valuable career advice from workplace sources – so how can we create opportunities for students to have these experiences? How should these workplace “mentors” be recruited and trained?
  • Using Career Inventories to Engage in Career and Skills Exploration: Over half of survey respondents would change either their major, field of study, or postsecondary institution if given a “do over” – so how can we help students engage in more intensive career and skills exploration and use that information when researching potential postsecondary options?
  • Using Data to Help Students Make Sound Postsecondary Decisions: Career interests and skills are only part of the puzzle when helping students make sound postsecondary decisions. Helping them identify and consider local labor market trends is another piece -- so where is the data on local labor market trends and institutional/programmatic outcomes? Can we find local data that will provide insight to students making postsecondary decisions?
  • Nurturing Employability Skills: Most current college students do not believe they will graduate with the skills and knowledge to be success in today’s job market and workplace – so how can we ensure that our students have the interviewing, networking, resume writing, and employability skills to secure and be successful in their chosen career? 

Attendees of this session will leave with practical tools, resources, and strategies to use to train their colleagues to ensure that students make wise, informed choices about college and career, and prepare them to be successful in the world of work. 

Member Price $59
Nonmember Price $89