Prevent Summer Melt for $5 Per Student

March 24, 2015
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By Amina Anderson Pringle, Member Services Manager

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the phenomenon of “summer melt” – the unfortunate situation in which a student is accepted to a postsecondary institution but fails to enroll or attend. NCAN now offers a tool to help member programs overcome summer melt and increase the likelihood that their students will enroll in college: A summer melt texting program. Through a partnership with Signal Vine, NCAN members can “test drive” this proven strategy that can support their students’ transition from high school to college. The cost of participation is $5/student. This benefit is specifically geared towards meeting the needs of:

  • Smaller NCAN members for whom entering into their own contract with Signal Vine might not have been cost-effective; and 
  • Any NCAN member who wants a short-term opportunity to determine whether texting is an effective strategy for their students.

Signal Vine is a two-way text messaging platform that enables college-access professionals to send personalized, timely, and meaningful messages to their students to drive specific behaviors, activities, and outcomes. NCAN has developed a set of essential summer melt texts that are included as part of this project, but each participating program can customize and/or send additional texts at no additional charge. The platform allows the organization to send messages to either groups of students or individuals, based on their response to previous text messages using “message branching” logic.

This webinar explains more about the summer melt texting program.

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