New Training Available for College Access & Success Fundamentals

October 17, 2014

By Elizabeth Morgan, Director of External Relations

To help more individuals gain the knowledge they need to provide students with college access and success advising, NCAN has launched the e-learning platform “Fundamentals for College Access & Success Professionals.
Why incorporate e-learning into your organization’s training process?  Modules are:

Segmented by topic
Delivered in convenient 30- to 120-minute segments
Self-paced and asynchronous
Available year-round, on demand, to anyone with an Internet connection
Content is vetted by NCAN and reflects evidence-based practices            
Platform technology incorporates best practices for online learner engagement
Information is perfect for new advisors and volunteers      

Best of all, the first 75-minute module, Financial Aid Fundamentals, is free to everyone, thanks to the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Federal Student Aid. The module introduces the basic vocabulary of financial aid (cost of attendance, EFC, etc.) and provides an overview of federal aid programs. When completed, the platform will include 10 modules with 30 hours of professional development on topics from early awareness programming to college student retention strategies. Future content will be affordably available and discounted for all NCAN members and will include digital badging to recognize content mastery. To register for Financial Aid Fundamentals or see the full list of planned platform content, visit NCAN’s e-learning platform page.

Why has NCAN developed the virtual platform? To fill a gap in the professional development market for college access and success. “NCAN’s largest members have the capacity to provide their own in-house training, but many struggle to accomplish training along with the demands of direct service to students,” NCAN Executive Director Kim Cook said. Other alternatives include conference attendance and graduate-level university courses, which are excellent options, but often too expensive or time-consuming to reach large numbers of nonprofit organization employees and volunteers. A virtual training resource can meet the needs of many nonprofits and schools that need affordable, targeted, and timely information for those providing college access and success service to students. 

NCAN gratefully acknowledges the support of the Houston Endowment for the initial development of the e-learning platform. 

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