A Letter from Data Nerds to Tech Geeks

March 23, 2016

Carrie Warick, Director of Partnerships and Policy

Last fall, the U.S. Department of Education released an unprecedented amount of data for public download and use in conjunction with its updated College Scorecard. Those of us in the education data community, who lovingly call ourselves "data nerds," were excited by all of the possibilities that this data created. As researchers and advocates, there were endless opportunities. One of the biggest is getting the information directly into the hands of students through more avenues than just the Scorecard. After brainstorming how to do this, we realized that we needed some "tech geeks." 

After brainstorming sessions with the Postsecondary Education Data group as well as those already working in the crossover space between education data and technology, ten groups joined together in a letter that shares our thoughts about how to use this data to help low-income students make the best possible choice about where to attend college. Additionally, the letter covers the opportunities but also offers some cautionary advice where the data and its source should be used carefully.


NCAN encourages our members and partners to use this letter and distribute it widely. The data are only helpful if we get them into the right hands.

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