New NCAN Intern Seeks Your Students' Stories

October 3, 2017

By Kim Szarmach, Communications Intern 

My first four weeks at NCAN as the Communications Intern have been both daunting and extremely fulfilling. After only three days in the office, I was on a plane to San Diego for NCAN's 2017 National Conference, where I spent the week furiously live-tweeting speeches and panels, blogging, and meeting members. While I felt overwhelmed, I also felt welcomed by the NCAN community and was very excited to continue my work back in Washington, D.C.

I am currently working on a project that combines my interests in journalistic writing and college accessibility. I am seeking out current college students to tell their stories about the FAFSA and need-based aid, by interviewing them about how these programs have helped them to access and succeed in postsecondary education. These stories can help inform policymakers and the public about the need for such programs, and I am excited to talk to students who have benefited from the work of NCAN members and the financial resources you connect them with. Any members who are working with students who fit this description and are willing to be interviewed and written about on our blog, please send their contact information my way!

I am a senior at American University, finishing my undergraduate degree in Journalism. I have reported on poverty and homelessness in D.C. for the newspaper Street Sense, and have also written about various social justice issues on campus for student-run media outlets. I am enjoying switching the focus of my writing to college accessibility, an issue I have felt very passionate about since I started undergraduate school.

I feel strongly that if they are given the same educational opportunities, students of all backgrounds will be able to succeed academically and professionally, and inequality in the U.S. will be diminished. NCAN is doing important work to ensure that higher education is available and affordable for students who may not have considered college a possibility, and I'm truly proud to be part of it.

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