‘I Know I Can’ Announces Significant Expansion with Columbus City Schools

June 9, 2015

By Amy Wade, I Know I Can

NCAN member I Know I Can (IKIC) and its partner Columbus City Schools (CCS) announced last month a renewed commitment to college access and success for the more than 54,000 students in the school district through an expansion of its high school advising model. Beginning this fall, IKIC will scale up IKIC’s college and career advising services from the provision of school-based services one day per week to the permanent placement of a college access advisor in each of CCS’s 20 high schools.

The placement of an advisor in each high school full-time will increase both the depth and scale of services students receive and will ultimately result in an increase in the percentage of CCS students who enroll in college, from 42 percent 62 percent, by 2020. Placing one full-time advising professional in each high school will reduce the current advisor/student ratio from 1:2,602 to 1:780 with key strategies focused on collaboration with counselors on building-level college and career strategic plan development and execution and increased one-on-one advising and the facilitation of student completion of major college readiness milestones.
This $3.5 million shared investment over the next four years will guide achievement of a new 2020 Vision: Every CCS student is prepared for and has the choice of enrolling in college or entering into a career after high school. As part of this expansion, IKIC is hiring 15 advising managers.

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