NCAN Webinar: Analyzing NSC Data with the Foyost College Enrollment Visualizer

July 17, 2018
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

With the Foyost College Enrollment Visualizer, you can quickly convert endless rows of Student Tracker data into beautiful, intuitive, easy-to-read visual displays. What used to take weeks is now ready in minutes. Developed by NCAN member Degrees of Change, Foyost allows programs to upload their Student Tracker detail files and have them processed into student- and program-level visualizations that allow for rapid analysis. Recent updates to the visualizer help programs filter by custom fields and enrollment statuses. NCAN has teamed with Degrees of Change to offer a discount to NCAN members who are first-time users. First-time FoYoSt users will receive an 18-month subscription for $500. This represents a savings of $250 compared to the usual 12-month subscription! Join the Degrees of Change team as they demo the visualizer, walk through how they use it in their own analyses, and take questions on how to put National Student Clearinghouse data to more effective use for program improvement.

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