Webinar: Reaching out to Reduce Melt: Strategies and Interventions for Student Success

August 16, 2018
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Research finds that an estimated 10 – 20% of college-intending high school graduates who have been accepted to a postsecondary institution succumb to “summer melt” and never actually show up to campus in the fall.

Summer is a tricky time for students. They no longer have access to a high school counselor, but they have not yet landed on a college campus, where support services are offered. Students may “melt” because of uncertainty about how to handle often unexpected college-related tasks coming due in the summer (fees and financing, forms, paperwork) or because they fear change and the unknown.

In this webinar, Lindsay Page of the University of Pittsburgh will discuss summer melt, its causes, and the interventions that she and her colleagues have studied and implemented. A common theme of these interventions is the need to reach out to students to remind them of deadlines and to help them complete those transition tasks.

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