NCAN Webinar: Using Edquity for College Financial Matching, Planning, Management, and More

July 25, 2018
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

With longitudinal student outcomes, affordability, and college financial insecurity becoming only larger concerns for low-income students, the financial implications of college persistence must become a larger point of focus in access and success conversations. Edquity is a new technology platform that supports students around college financial matching, planning, FAFSA completion, financial aid award evaluation and interpretation, and college financial management. Edquity supports students and their counselors as a one-stop shop through each and every financial decision on the road to college graduation to ensure students are able to realize a positive return on their postsecondary investment. Edquity's founder David Helene will walk through Edquity's technology to highlight how the platform works, the vision for its future development, how this new resource is specifically focused on NCAN members' student population, and how NCAN members and other college access and success stakeholders can access the platform.

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