From Logic Models to Impact Reporting: The Importance of Backward Design in Program Planning

April 19, 2018
3:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Most NCAN members are familiar with the concept of developing an organizational or programmatic logic model or theory of change. These documents examine the inputs, actions, outputs, and outcomes that drive impact. Register to join this webinar, Joaquina Scott Kankam, Program Specialist at Prairie View A&M University, will reverse the logic model and consider what happens when programs start with their desired outcomes and work backward. For individuals and organizations not currently working from a logic model, this webinar will be a great introduction to the concept. If your organization does not already have a logic model, it really should! Those familiar with logic models will find a new lens through which to view the tool. The webinar will be interactive, so come prepared to be thoughtful and to sketch out a logic model for your program or organization!

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