NCAN Webinar: What Good Does a Degree Do? Leveraging Social Norms to Influence Student Motivation

May 15, 2019
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Every college has its own student norms for how to act, what to wear, and even why to attend college in the first place. In most cases, these norms are unspoken and have been shaped by generations of alumni who do not share the same background as today’s students. Because of these norms’ subtle influence, colleges and universities may unintentionally disadvantage first-generation and lower-income students by communicating purposes for learning that contradict students’ personal values and goals.

Join Persistence Plus on May 15 for a discussion of today’s students’ interdependent, prosocial, and self-transcendent purposes for learning and how to encourage their success by nudging students within these frameworks.

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