Webinar: Career Success Spotlight: College Track and Genesys Works

October 4, 2017
2:00 PM to 3:15 PM

Please register to join us for this webinar presented by NCAN members College Track and Genesys Works. This webinar will focus on measuring and reporting career outcomes of students served by college access and success programs. Earlier this year, College Track released their first “Findings on Outcomes After College” report, which aims to measure the program’s impact on students’ social mobility. College Track is increasingly integrating career success programming into their robust suite of college access and success services. They will discuss the changes to program practice necessary to make this happen and the decision-making behind selecting their career outcomes. 

College Track's work in tracking their student's social mobility has many similarities with a student survey developed by Genesys Works. Genesys Works, which has been featured numerous times through NCAN’s efforts on connecting college and career success, is a leader in the field of providing students with meaningful professional opportunities that contribute to their academic and professional attainment. They will discuss their own efforts around investing and reporting alumni outcomes. 

College Track’s Findings on Outcomes After College: https://collegetrack.org/uploads/CT_Finding_on_Outcomes_After_College.pdf 
Genesys Works’ 2016 Alumni Survey: http://www.genesysworks.org/model-impact/2016-alumni-survey/ 

Cristel de Rouvray, Entrepreneur in Residence, College Track 
Jeannie Johnson, Vice President-Programs, College Track 
Bernie Tretta, Measurement and Evaluation Lead, Genesys Works 
Dr. Nidhi Mehrotra, President, Educational Evaluation and Research 

This webinar is generously supported by Strada Education Network. For more on NCAN’s work on connecting college and career success, visit www.collegeaccess.org/career 

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