NCAN Webinar: High Impact Practices and Low-Income Student Success

June 27, 2018
2:00 PM to 3:15 PM

The Yes We Must Coalition strives to increase degree attainment of low-income students by promoting the work of small, independent, not-for-profit colleges and universities where undergraduate enrollment is 50% or more Pell-eligible and others committed to this purpose. Their recent publication High Impact Practices and Low-Income Student Success: What Works? is a valuable resource for college success programs seeking practices and policies that support the success of low-income students that are based on evidence-based literature. The publication is split into two categories of practices: shaping the college experience and overarching student supports. On this webinar, Yes We Must will walk through what the literature says about how to better serve students on college campuses. NCAN members can learn from these practices and also encourage their postsecondary partners to adopt them.

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