Fee-For-Service Consulting

For more than a decade, NCAN has provided affordable consulting to nonprofits, foundations and corporations, and government agencies about college access and success needs, strategies, and services. Examples include:

  • Planning college access and success summits, which are cross-sector events focused on a community's college success landscape and plans for collaboration
  • Preparing college access and success assessments, which report on college access and success outcomes in a state or region and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Advising startup college and access programs on program strategy, fundraising, and last-dollar scholarships
  • Supporting collective impact organizations to identify shared outcomes and develop effective cross-sector relationships  
  • Identifying opportunities for strategic investments by national and regional funders
  • Hosting planning retreats related to college access and success program growth and development

To inquire about NCAN's consulting services, please contact Elizabeth Morgan, NCAN's director of external relations.