Getting Into College

As you work with students in high school, the steps towards college are perhaps best associated with a timeline for certain events. By the time students reach their senior year, it’s time for the planning and preparation to be put to work. This next section shares tips and resources for continuing the planning process, determining the best match and fit, and navigating the admissions process during the senior year. Use the menu bar on the left or click on a section below.

To learn more about college planning, match & fit and the admissions process, download this Advisor Training Module –Chapter 6

Planning – This page covers career exploration and college research resources.

Types of Colleges - This page defines how colleges are often classified or listed.

Match& Fit – This page provides tools and templates to help you guide your students when selecting the best match and fit.

Apply – This page offers specific ideas and resources designed to guide students and parents through the application process.