Network Guidebooks

CreatingNetworksChapter3.pngCreating and Operating a State or Regional College Access and Success Network

Published 2011
The purpose of this guidebook is to present the information necessary to create and build an effective network, be that a state, regional or citywide organization. It presents an overview of effective practices and experiences used by peers in the field; as well as challenges, struggles as well as suggestions for solutions and successes. This guidebook is designed to provide information on the: 1) various types of network structures, 2) resources needed to create and operate a network, and 3) services most valued by network members and students. View

MCANChartingTheCourse.pngCharting the Course: LCAN Implementation

Published July 2013
This guidebook is an implementation guide using the collective impact model to build a local college access network following the model of the LCANs in the state of Michigan. View

NebCANGuidebook.pngRural, Regional Guidebook

Published December 2012
The Panhandle P-16 Initiative developed this case-study guidebook as a supplement to NCAN's Guidebook on network building. This document includes their lessons learned during the first year of building a rural, regional college access network. View