Latino College Completion in 50 States

May 16, 2012

Excelencia in Education recently released state-by-state fact sheets providing data and practices to help accelerate college completion among Latinos. Each fact sheet includes data on the population, representation among K through 12 students, educational attainment of adults, multiple measures of equity gaps in degree attainment and examples of promising practices across the country for improving Latino college completion. The state-level data on Latino college completion show today‚Äôs investment, or lack thereof, in Latino academic preparation and degree attainment can have a compounding effect on state populations, economies, and communities in the near future. State policymakers as well as institutional and community leaders have opportunities to improve their educational attainment, economic strength, and community engagement by investing now in the academic preparation and achievement of Latinos.


To download an executive summary along with individual fact sheets for each state, visit:


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