Spring Training: Accelerating Students through the Talent Pipeline and Into Careers

NCAN’s 2018 Spring Training will focus on Accelerating Students through the Talent Pipeline and Into Careers. This year’s theme is related to the four strategies NCAN pursues to help achieve postsecondary success for all students, a critical one of which is building the capacity of our members to help students connect college and career success. NCAN believes that college access and career success are both crucial elements of career preparation. Through this work and this year’s Spring Training events, NCAN aims to ignite a conversation with and among members on how to infuse career readiness into their current program models.  

This year's Spring Training is supported by a generous grant from Strada Education Network

Spring Training is a series of day-long “mini-conferences” that focus on one specific subject in depth. This year we will explore the role of advising in helping students make sound postsecondary choices that are grounded in academic and career interests, as well as the future needs of the labor market. 

Spring Training will take place at three locations across the country. The agenda and goals for each of the events will be the same, so choose the location that is most convenient for you: 

Although each location will feature local programs and speakers, the following topics will be addressed at all three Spring Training events: 

  • Making Decisions About Postsecondary Courses of Study: How can we do a better job helping students identify viable career pathways earlier and make more effective choices along the way? How do we address inequitable postsecondary outcomes for these students while still helping them understand the full range of postsecondary credentials available?
  • Employers Supporting the Talent Pipeline: What do employers in your region need, and are they getting it? How do employers communicate their needs to educators, college access and success nonprofits, youth-serving organizations, and colleges and universities? How do employers support students to learn about their industries or develop in-demand skills?
  • Advising for Postsecondary Fit and Match: How do college access and success advisors help students make effective choices around about career goals, postsecondary institutions and credentials, and college majors? How do they balance equity concerns with the range of postsecondary credentials available? This session will be led by Vanessa Barbic, Associate Director of Online Programs at Students Rising Above, an NCAN member organization. Ms. Barbic will discuss how to approach the college fit/match conversation through the lens of a career development framework.

As each site’s agenda is being finalized, speakers and specifics including registration information will be posted on the webpage for each individual Spring Training location. Registration for Spring Training is FREE for NCAN members! 

All members of the college access and success community – including college access practitioners, higher education outreach professionals, community leaders, and representatives from the private sector – are encouraged to attend one of the Spring Training events. We hope to see you there! 

Strada_square_logo.jpgThanks to support from Strada Education Network, NCAN is able to provide professional development and member services related to helping underrepresented students graduate from high school prepared to succeed both in college and in a career by helping organizations achieve the following goals: 

  • develop a better understanding of the data available on projected future workforce needs;
  • learn ways to partner with local business to provide career readiness-related opportunities for their students; and
  • learn how to incorporate career advising into your program offerings.

This work helps support Strada's goal of completion with a purpose.