This page provides resources for scholarships search as well as detailed information about Last Dollar Scholarships.

Scholarship Search Resources

A variety of web resources are highlighted throughout the entire advisor training module. The following resources either provide a scholarship database to search or are nationally available scholarships.


Last Dollar Scholarships

The concept of a “last dollar” scholarship/grant is to have students attempt to access all federal, state and institutional financial aid that may be available. Once a students has selected a college, filed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and received an award letter, an access program should be able to determine if a student has unmet financial need and therefore is eligible for “last dollar” assistance.

To learn more about last dollar scholarships including the typical formula for determining unmet need and typical program requirements, download this Advisor Training Module – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 reviews:

  • Application Requests
  • Awarding Process
  • Renewal/Change Process