Online Communities

Where Do the Experts Turn for Help?

To each other! NCAN members are college access experts in their communities. But they also value to opportunity to learn from their peers across the country. That's why NCAN is cultivating Learning Communities; to foster continual peer to peer learning throughout the year.

The Learning Communities provide a variety of ways to connect with colleagues by role (such as advisor, program/executive director) both in person and virtually. This happens at venues such as the NCAN national conference or at Spring Trainings; and on-line via webinars, our website and blog, and through NCAN's Web 2.0 Virtual Learning Community platform.

Online Learning Communities

NCAN currently manages three member-only Virtual Learning Communities. NCAN members are welcome to join any community of interest to them.

Advisor Learning Community

The Advisor Virtual Learning Community is for practitioners working directly with students. To receive an invitation, email Amina Anderson Pringle.

Executive/Program Directors Learning Community

The Executive/Program Directors Virtual Learning Community is a place where Executive and Program Directors from NCAN's member organizations can share and learn from one another. To receive an invitation, email Sara Melnick.

Network Learning Community

The Network Virtual Learning Community is for all staff working at a state, regional, or local network. To receive an invitation, email Carrie Warick.

Thank you from NCAN

NCAN would like to thank the Kresge Foundation and EduGuide for their support of the Learning Communities